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July 2009

July 31, 2009
Government programs try to help jobless retrain in new fields (USA Today)
Grads get a break on student loan debt (USA Today)

July 30, 2009
Risks and rewards in push to boost community colleges (Wall Street Journal)
'Acceptance' takes on dual meaning for college hopefuls (USA Today)
Green teachers or an elite corps? (USA Today)
OU raises tuition 9% (Oakland Press)
OU latest with higher tuition for higher ed (Free Press)
OU board increases tuition 9% (Detroit News)
How to keep college graduates in Mich. (Detroit News)
This year's Concours as elegant as ever (Free Press)
Lawrence Tech professors promote SOAR approach (Oakland Press)

July 29, 2009
College slang diction spells out cool lingo (USA Today)
Classic attraction: Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance (Detroit News)
Concours d'Elegance rolls into Meadow Brook this weekend (Oakland Press)

July 28, 2009
Fellow graduates, before we greet the future, a word from my sponsor (Wall Street Journal)
Auto history on display (Oakland Press)

July 27, 2009
Oakland poised to raise tuition by 11% (Crain's)
Navistar Defense L.L.C. (Crain's)
Businessmen credit OU with their success (Oakland Press)
Community colleges lobby to offer four-year degrees (Associated Press)

July 25, 2009
Tuition boost sparks debate (Free Press)
Tution hike plan alarms OU students (Detroit News)
OU weighs 11% tuition hike (Oakland Press)

July 24, 2009
Letters: Fix state employee health approach (Detroit News)
OU board OK's plans for nursing, sciences facility (Detroit News)
Op-ed: Dillon plan is splitting state Democratic Party (Oakland Press)
Op-ed: Dillon health plan worth investigating (Oakland Press)

July 23, 2009
From automotive to robotics, SBA to support Michigan's economic transition (
Va. Tech gunman's records located (USA Today)
Beaumont hospitals included on 'best' lists (Oakland Press)
Op-ed: Bashing career colleges (Wall Street Journal)
Oakland University student is new Miss Oakland County (Oakland Press)
Business incubator program launched (Detroit News)
Baker enrollment up with spike in career changes, online courses (Oakland Press)
Teens visit OU to speak out on global child sex trade (Oakland Press)
OU offers English language camp (Oakland Press)

July 22, 2009
'Teacher's Pet' program changes destiny of kids, dogs (USA Today)
Worried about tuition? Some prestigious colleges are free (McClatchy)
Bishop backs health plan for public workers (Detroit News)
Swine flu fatalities top 700 (Associated Press)
Op-ed: Govern needs new health care script (Free Press)
State health plan gets new ally (Free Press)

July 21, 2009
Macomb opens jobs 'incubator' (Macomb Daily)
Beaumont opens $58M facility (Oakland Press)
A surge from bunker to dorm (Detroit News)
OU-Macomb INCubator celebrates grand opening (Oakland Press)
Grand Valley State tuition to rise 5.3% (Free Press)
Granholm: Show me the savings in health plan (Free Press)
Column: Michigan needs help - and bold action (Free Press)

July 20, 2009
New OU biz incubator opens in Sterling Heights (
OU Incubator hosts grand opening in Sterling Heights (MetroMode)
Op-ed: Give community colleges their due (Free Press)
Op-ed: College is key to reviving state's economy (Crain's)
Dillon's health insurance plan draws biz backing (Crain's)

July 19, 2009
Before college, costly advice just on getting in (New York Times)

July 18, 2009
School season heralds new flu concerns (Wall Street Journal)

July 17, 2009
Mich. universities hike tuition (Free Press)
CMU, Michigan Tech boost tuition costs (Detroit News)
Letter: Let universities cut (Free Press)

July 16, 2009
OU plans new health sciences building (Rochester Post)
E-Readers get mixed reviews from students (Wall Street Journal)
A privacy law that protects students, and colleges, too (Wall Street Journal)
Oakland U greenlights new human health building (MetroMode)
OU plans new health sciences building (C&G News)
Health care overhaul for state is politically difficult (Free Press)
Op-ed: Bold health plan has budget-healing potential (Free Press)

July 15, 2009
Weighing price and value when picking a college (Wall Street Journal)
Quick hit - Entrepreneurs wanted (Free Press)
Obama pledges $12B for two-year colleges (Detroit News)
They're what Obama's talking about: Two MCC students ... (Free Press)
Op-ed: Obama's push for a better educated work force ... (Detroit News)
$12-billion boost for colleges is welcomed (Free Press)
Obama proposes to help people change careers (Oakland Press)
Op-ed: State shouldn't break promise to students (Oakland Press)

July 14, 2009
Veterans may get increased educational aid (Free Press)
MSU sees new mission for center as governor cuts state arts department (Free Press)
OU women named Academic Top 25 (Oakland Press)
Obama to boost community colleges, retraining efforts (Detroit News)
Obama to push for billions to retrain, teach workers (Free Press)
Record number seeks freshman spots at U-M (Free Press)
Business start-up backers plan grand opening (Detroit News)

July 13, 2009
Oakland moves to faculty contract after winning other salary freezes (Crain's)
Op-ed: Spinoffs show universities' value (Crain's)
Letter: Lesson for colleges (Crain's)
Expand the potential of community colleges (Free Press)
Student loans get linked to income (Detroit News)

July 12, 2009
OU's School of Nursing to host conference on career options (Oakland Press)
State and nation fail universities when they are most needed (Free Press)
Pain expected in new budget (Free Press)

July 11, 2009
Lake Superior State University fees rise 4.9% (Free Press)
Lake Superior State boosts tuition 4.6 % (Detroit News)
Should colleges roll back tuition? (Detroit News)

July 10, 2000
Deep funding cuts make tuition hike necessary (Detroit Free Press)
The Bucks Stop, but Will Colleges Notice? (Wall Street Journal)
Billions in Stimulus Cash to Plug State Budget Gaps (Wall Street Journal)

July 9, 2009
The evolution of metro community colleges (MetroMode)
The mother of the Uigher movement ... (Washington Post)
An Uphill Fight for the Right to Carry Guns on Campus (Wall Street Journal)
Ferris State to offset fall tuition hike (Detroit Free Press)
Ferris State board hikes tuition rates 5.3 percent (The Detroit News)
Voters don't want cops, schools cut (The Detroit News)

July 8, 2009
Tensions flare between China's Uighars, Hans (National Public Radio)
Detroit, Ontario 'angels' unite (Crain's)
Cattle Baron's Ball mooves to Oakland University (Crain's)
Michigan breaking its promise to students (Oakland Press)
Macomb, OU biz incubator gets new home, tenants (Crain's)
Oakland University plans $62 million human health building (Oakland Business)
It's up to college students to make the grades to graduate (USA Today)
OU Board approves new Human Health Building (Oakland Press)
Journalism school's leader asked to leave; students upset (Detroit News)
Students get to work (USA Today)

July 6, 2009
U-M budget helps state economy (Detroit News)
Summer classes are too good a deal to pass up (Free Press)
Oakland U pushes internships for local businesses (MetroMode)

July 5, 2009
Universities aim to maintain excellence (Free Press)
Salary freezes at OU stun employees (Oakland Press)

July 4, 2009
OU negotiators still at table (Detroit News)

July 3, 2009
Saginaw Valley, WMU raise tuition rates (Free Press)

July 2, 2009
Wayne State raises tuition (Detroit News)
WSU OKs tuition boosts (Free Press)
MSU med students branch out (Detroit News)
In White House, U-M ranks with Harvard, Yale (Detroit News)
Rethink college role in job creation (Detroit News)
Letters to the editor (Free Press)
Universities fail on economics (Detroit Free Press)

July 1, 2009
Promise Zone Authority members announced (Oakland Press)
Charging tuition is getting costlier (USA Today)
Wayne State to set tuition rates today (Detroit News)